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Elegance Boy Body
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Elegance Boy Body
  • Weight:4.000kilogram
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  • Shop price:$ 400.00
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Goods Brief:


 Single Torso Body


 Jointed Torso Body


The Comparison of Single and Joint Torso


Comparison of Super resin and Normal resin



Including: Elegance boy body (Single or Jointed torso, coated and stream line sanded), blanket, box

Model skin color: white skin


Total hight:61.5cm

Girth of the neck:10cm

Width of the shoulder:14cm

Length of the arm:18cm

Girth of the chest:25.5cm

Girth of the waist:22cm

Gitth of the hips:26cm

Length from the should to hips:15cm

Girth of the thigh:15cm

Gither of the leg:11cm

Length from the bellybutton to foot:37cm

Length of the feet:8cm

 Please notice that due to the complication of the production, 
the doll will be shipped 2-3 months upon full payment 
(If you are choosing the layaway option for the payment, 
your order will be processed only after your payment is over 1/2 of the total payment of your order.)

Since the product is completely handmade, please understand that the doll and 
the face up may have minor difference from the official pictures.


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  • Vina ( 2016-10-25 17:33:14 )

    Hi, I'm interested in buying this body for my character, but I'm curious if he will be able to wear high heels or not. Is it possible that Spiritdoll might make heels feet for Elegance boy? Or is there any heel feet that can be hybrid with this body?

    AdministratorDear customer, the Elegance boy body could not wear high heels unless with the help of a doll stand. We don't have the plan of making high-heel feet for the body yet and we don't know if there's any high-heel feet on the market could fit the Elegance boy body. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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