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Little Mermaid
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Little Mermaid
  • Weight:3.000kilogram
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 Spiritdoll 2017 ~ Fantasy line ~ 50 Limited Dolls

Special size doll -- The Little Mermaid --


Would you always love me if I gave you my heart?
Including: wounded single torso + normal jointed torso, both with paiting
Including: high-heel feet + normal feet, both with painting

The model doll is in white skin. 

1. Little mermaid whole doll (white or normal skin, with wounded single torso)
2. normal jointed torso
3. face-up
4. one resin heart + painting
5. full body painting (both torso, with model paiting and coating)
One free pair of Little mermaid's hands, one pair of high-heel feet and one pair of normal feet

7. one wig
8. one pair of eyes
9. full set outfits (including: 2 corsets (for wounded and normal torso), 1 blouse, 2 short skirt
1 sweep train, 1 veil, 1 tiara, 1 pair of stocking
10. 2 pairs of high-heel shoes (1 pair painted)
11. blanket, birth certificate, and case.


1. Please notice that the body painting around the jointed area can be abrased.

2. All the outfits are made in silk, and very fragile, please be careful when wearing.

3. Please notice that it will take about 5-6 months to complete the order upon the full payment.

4. Three-month layaway payment option is available. 
If you choose the lataway payement, please contact our customer serivce:



Height with head: high-heel feet: 53 cm; normal feet: 50 cm
Girth of the head: 14 cm
Girth of the neck: 5.3 cm
Width of the shoulder: 7.8 cm
Girth of the chest: 16 cm
Girth of the waist: 12 cm
Girth of the hips: 14.5 cm
Length of the arm: 24 cm
Girth of the big arm: 4.4 cm
Girth of the forearm: 4 cm
Width of the palm: 1.8 cm

Girth of the thigh: 11 cm
Girth of the calf: 6.8 cm
Length from shoulder to hip: 12 cm
Length from bellybutton to foot: 30 cm
Length of the feet: 4.6 cm
Width of the foot: 1.8 cm
Eye size: 8 mm



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  • Shuilian ( 2017-01-16 03:38:53 )

    Hi! I saw that you offered with a dress. Is there a photo of her with the dress please because I cannot see any dress here? Also, I'd love to get the extra little hands so how can i tell when you have event?

    If I want to buy some other shoes or extra clothes for her, where can I buy please? Thanks!

    AdministratorDear customer,

    For your questions:

    1. The "dress" in the original page was a mistake. All the outfit is already in the official picture. We have now deleted the dress in the description. We apologize for the misleading information.

    2. The extra hands for Little mermaid was the gift during our winter event which is from Nov 24, 2016 to Jan 5, 2017. So now Little Mermaid will come without the hands any more. Our next event will probably be in November , 2017.

    3. Little mermaid is our new doll line, Fantasy line. Other shoes and clothes for Little mermaid could be found in the "Accessories" in Fantasy size. We currently have a black dress set, some shoes, and two wigs for Fantasy line.

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